“Cassie/Troy and the rest of the Raw Bar Team,

What can I say???? You all exceeded every possible expectation I had for my sisters party last night!!! Gavin and Nico(sp??) were phenomenal. I received so many compliments on their service and willingness to attend to our guests.

Cassie, you were amazing to work with. I never heard a “no” about any of my requests!

Troy, you have put together an impressive team and I wish you many continued years of success!!

To the kitchen staff—–YOU ALL ROCK!!!! The food was fantastic, displayed beautifully. The sushi boat was unbelievable. I always enjoy every meal I have with you, but last night blew it out of the water.

There is no way for me to extend my appreciation enough to all of you. Please feel free to use me as a reference(not sure you would ever need it, but the offer is there). It was so wonderful to put my sisters night in hands I knew I could trust.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.”

– Kathleen Malorzo (on behalf of Mary Beth and John Gearhart)

“Having just been released from jail and craving that raw raw, we hit this place up after a long morning of drinking. I did some time with someone who heard Papa knows how to bring the fresh fish and cold beers with the quickness. I don’t often see alligator on the menu so I pounded the table (twice) and demanded we order some of that too. Had them put it in with their fried rice. Astonishing. We call it alley rice. Shit what else did we get. Stone crab rangoon! It was lit fam

Once i put enough money together I’m going to open up a place like this and call it Papa’s II”

Billy W.

Every year we ask Seafood World to cater the BCBA Young Lawyer’s Section Family Day event because the food is just delicious, their presentation is great, the staff is very helpful and you can’t beat their catering prices. Not only does it make it easy and affordable for the host, but the guests really enjoy the good eats. It seems too good to be true but it is not. If your looking for a great caterer, look no further.”

– Meghan Clary, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“From the first moment I met Hugh Ganter and his staff, it was a delightful experience! For a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner for 50 people for my son and his fiancé we had already chosen a setting at a Lighthouse Point Church Community Hall and wanted great seafood to make it special. From Seafood World we not only received scrumptious, originally prepared seafood such as Seafood Vinaigrette (yummy!) and Sesame Seared Youke, and generous Popcorn Shrimp to die for, but also plentiful portions of Skirt Steak and Chicken Piccata. 
Cassie Ganter who managed the evening for us and her staff were terrific as the evening offered them a challenge they may not have encountered before on a catering job. 
Just as they were setting up the buffet, one hour before the dinner was to start, and the electricity went out for almost 3 hours. With candles galore and Seafood World’s quick care to ensure food was prepared on or off site at their restaurant, the charming evening went off as scheduled and the food was the hit of the night! 
Our family and all those who shared the special night give Seafood World an A+ grade for food, service, and fun to work with quotient.”

– Joanie Schirm, Orlando, Florida

“I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the wonderful claws! They were delicious. I’ll be ordering again before the season ends.”

– J.H. San Francisco

“Had your stone crab claws this weekend. They were without a doubt the BEST stone crab claws I have ever had – bar none! Your company will hear from me again and again.” – J.G., Colorado

”Thank you for your great service. You can count on my future orders.” – D.D., Reno, Nevada

”The crabs arrived yesterday and were exceptional”

– J.G. Bellvue, Washington

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU! My husband was stunned that I was able to have the crab shipped to Kingston. We had some of the crab for dinner last night and it was absolutely delicious. Your crab is excellent! It was hard not to eat them all. It was definitely worth the effort to have them shipped here. You will definitely be hearing from me again for future orders.”

– Joanne Purdy, Kingston, Ontario

“Thank you for the wonderful crab claws and excellent service”

– Carolyn, Rhode Island

“We received 3 delicious pounds of Stone Crabs yesterday, which delighted my wife and made a believer out of my 8 year old daughter.”

– M.N., Newar, and New Jersey

“The crab claws were terrific! I’ll be back for more.”

– E.D., Chicago, Illinois

“I sent my mom a gift box for her birthday and she’s been raving about it ever since. She even sent a letter, the first letter she’s written any company in 67 years!”

B.V. Tampa, Florida

“The best Stone Crab Claws we have ever had! We will definitely order from you again.”

– Susan L., Stevensville, Montana

”Everything was great. My husband loved his present. Thanks!” – S.J., Northfield, Connecticut.